It's all about the dough...

Growing up John & Eddie's always knew they would do great things. The two cousins, who acted like brothers, did everything together. From video games and bike riding to, as they got older, working together and being good friends they were inseparable. One day, in 2009, Eddie came across an amazing opportunity to open a pizzeria on the border of Naperville and Lisle. He proposed the idea to John and the concept of John & Eddie's Pizza was born. One problem existed though, neither of them know how to make pizza...


Countless hours and late nights, John & Eddie experimented with so many recipes and tried different pizza place after pizza place. Unfortunately they kept coming up with the same result, flavorless dry crust. Worried they were going to have to give up on their dream, John & Eddie realized if they were going to make it work, they had to stop looking at what everyone else was doing and just develop their own style crust. So John, using his knowledge of bread making from past restaurant experiences, came up with the recipe that we use for our original thin crust. Soon to follow were the pan crust, deep dish, and ultra thin. All doughs are homemade daily and secret recipes of John and Eddie's.


Present day...


John & Eddie's has grown so much over the past couple of years. From expanding our menu, to just making our pizzas better each and every day, it truly is amazing to see where we are now. Not only do we slice our own vegetables and meats, but we actually grind our own sausage and makes our own dough. In 2012 with the help of our family, as they are in farming, we started to grow many of our own vegetables throughout the year. Not only does this help save on costs for us but also gives you the freshest, most delicious vegetables (and Pizza) we can provide. We love the "Farm to Table" mentality and really try to know where our food comes from. 

At John & Eddie's we’re passionate about making pizza's that are fresh, delicious different, and fun. If you ever have a request or want to see something added to the menu we will do our best to accomodate you (as long as it is with in reason). So, if you havent given us a try, you are missing out. If you have, good to see you again.


Hope you enjoy your pizza as much as we enjoyed making it,


John & Eddie



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